Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are part of the agreement of entering into a contract with ITW Ltd. By signing the contract, you are agreeing to comply with these terms and conditions of use.

Memberships are valid on a rolling 12-month basis from the date of joining and renewable one month before the end of this period.

The membership start date is the first day of the month in which the member signs the contract.

You can pay in full or on a monthly basis. Paying on a monthly basis requires an initial deposit of 3 months’ worth of the whole fee followed by a monthly payment over the next 9 months.

  • On the first missed payment you will receive a reminder notice.
  • On the second missed payment you will receive an urgent reminder notice.
  • On the third consecutive missed payment you will receive a final demand from our partner agency credit safe.
  • The member will not be able to attend networking events until all payment arrears have been resolved.


If a member leaves the network part way through the membership year, the balance of membership fees for that membership year must be paid within one calendar month of leaving.

Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable ITW Ltd reserves the right to vary terms and conditions, member benefits and its rates and fees from time to time.

You agree to ITW Ltd processing your personal data in line with our Privacy Policy.

ITW Ltd have the right to use photos taken of our members at events and member logos in our marketing communications.