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At ITW, we take a fresh, diverse and innovative approach to business networking. Our community unites creativity, passion, drive, and dedication, and we provide a vibrant yet relaxed environment that makes networking truly enjoyable. At In Touch With, we believe that your network is the secret weapon that allows you to make the most out of your business.


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When you build a network, a network builds around you. It’s this ripple effect that follows you throughout your business journey and propels you to success. The more you put in, the more you get out, and we’re all about helping you win at your own networking game here at ITW.

Our networking events are carefully planned to revitalise your love for business, charity and face-to-face interaction. Some key benefits for our members include:

Leads and referrals – Connecting people – Advice and know-how – Increased confidence Building relationships – Member-to-member discounts – Business advice Workshops – Event management – Annual awards to recognise members – Networking at iconic sports and music venues

Networking at ITW is a unique and diverse experience with boundless benefits for you and your business. Are you ready to transform your mindset and discover a whole new level of inspiration?


Ali Mahmood

Founder & CEO

Peter Williams

Compliance Director

Peter Williams our compliance and insurance services Director advises and guides on all aspects of setting up and running business that are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK’s regulator of financial services. He has worked in the financial services industry for more than 42 years with various different companies.

He bring a vast array of experience to the ITW family, taking lead at Intouchwith Insurance Services which has been established under strict regulatory rules to offer commercial insurance products, bringing together the best in the two worlds of networking and insurance management.

Palwasha Kaker

Creative Executive

Palwasha is a socialite individual with a rich background in the creative arts. Graduating from UCA (University for the Creative Arts) with a BA (Hons) in Filmmaking and a diploma in Creative Media Production, she possesses a solid foundation in both theory and practice. Known for her innate creativity, she has been actively involved in numerous creative projects, showcasing her ability to think outside the box and bring fresh perspectives to the table.

With her natural leadership skills and keen eye for detail, she effortlessly navigates through diverse challenges, ensuring the success of every endeavor she undertakes. Beyond her professional prowess, Palwasha’s amiable nature makes her a true people’s person, fostering strong connections and collaborations within her community.


Dean Haynes

With 24 years of experience managing McDonald’s, overseeing the second busiest restaurants in the UK,

He diversified his portfolio by franchising into fast food, offering Mexican street food, fish and chips, and recently launching the New Orleans Burger Company.

Dean‘s diverse portfolio, boasts yearly sales exceeding £3 million. Passionate about supporting and advising the food industry, he extends his expertise to help businesses thrive.

Currently collaborating with In Touch With to deliver Business advisory, Growth strategy and project management consultancy services to support and enhance the growth of food industry members.

Maureen Lewis

Maureen Lewis is the Chief Executive Officer of a local charity, Walsall Black Sisters Collective: her work within the voluntary and community sector spans over 30 years, where she has contributed to the development of projects and services that meet the needs of vulnerable and disadvantages communities within Walsall and the West Midlands. 

Maureen’s background in community development equips her with a plethora of knowledge of service development, securing funding and project management, as well as governance and operations. 

In 2021 Maureen was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Multicultural Business & Community Champion (MBCC) Awards, which recognised her for outstanding service in the voluntary and community sector.

As a wife, mother of four and grandmother of six, Maureen has a sincere passion for people: She is motivated by seeing people achieve their dreams, overcome barriers and create positive impact within society.

Harvinder Rai (MBE)

Harvinder has accumulated a wealth of experience in operational policing having served across several Police departments since 1993. Today he serves as President of the National Sikh Police Association UK. His influence and leadership has helped shape the NSPA to become a dynamic and enterprising organisation. His determination has seen him grip and drive initiatives at international level providing support on a range of issues. His negotiating skills has successfully shaped national policy and influenced the Home Office on important subjects.

He uses his experience and knowledge to help other groups and businesses to develop strategies which enables meaningful delivery.

He was awarded an MBE in 2023 for services to Policing and the Sikh Community.

Harvinder sits as a trustee with 2 charities and as an advisor to other charitable organisations.

Darren Hume-Francis

From the basketball courts of America to playing professionally in the UK, Darren has always excelled through their exceptional athleticism, strategic insight, and relentless dedication. His journey across the ranks of high-level basketball has instilled in him a competitive mindset and a profound understanding of teamwork, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence. These attributes have not only defined Darren’s career in sports but have also laid the foundation for his successful transition into the business realm.

In 2018, Darren embarked upon a new venture, driven by his passion for making a significant impact. Shifting his focus towards the care sector, he established a business dedicated to supporting vulnerable and homeless adults. This initiative underscores Darren’s entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to social welfare. Under his stewardship, his organisation has thrived, becoming a cornerstone of support and empowerment for those it serves, providing a range of services aimed at enhancing lives and fostering independence.

Darren is a pioneer whose diverse experiences—from the competitive world of sport to the challenging fields of digital marketing and social entrepreneurship—underscore his adaptability, resilience, and dedication. Darren continues to inspire with his commitment to excellence, innovation, and enacting positive change within the community.

Lauren Jones

Lauren boasts a 12 year career, contributing her expertise to renowned Midlands brands like Aston Villa Football Club and NEC Group. Currently serving as a Key Account Reach Plc,

Lauren is confident and knowledgeable within the sales and marketing industry and loves to offer support to businesses that she meets. Networking has formed part of her role throughout her time and she really values the impact that it can make. 

Juggling motherhood and pet ownership, she embraces the challenges with enthusiasm, cherishing opportunities to connect with new people and support businesses.

Joanne Smith

As the founder of Wordsmith Projects and a seasoned Bid Manager with over a decade of experience, Joanne Smith has become a pivotal figure in the realm of bid writing and management. Her journey in this field began in the corridors of large corporate companies, where she led bid services and collaborated with significant key players in the UK, honing her skills and deepening her understanding of the intricacies of bid management.

Prior to Bid Management, Joanne’s journey commenced in the third sector, where for a decade, she passionately supported community groups, aiding in project development and navigating the intricate landscape of securing grant funding. A true champion for grassroots initiatives, Joanne’s commitment to empowering communities set the stage for her bid management career. 

Joanne’s expertise is not just in managing bids but in turning them into stories of success. This prowess was exemplified in her biggest triumph: securing a staggering £2 billion, 25-year contract for a utilities company in 2023, a testament to her strategic acumen and persuasive writing skills.
Two years ago, Joanne embarked on a new venture, driven by a vision to champion the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Founding Wordsmith Projects, she dedicated her extensive knowledge and experience to supporting SMEs in navigating the competitive world of contract bidding. Her goal is simple yet profound: to empower these businesses to expand and thrive through winning contracts.