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The founders of the T150 group have a combined working experience of 30+ years in business and Telecommunications, what sets you and your work apart?

Having worked within the sector so long, we have a real understanding of the pitfalls facing the care sector. We are not interested in getting just a sale.

Our aim and role is and has always been to be a businesses only consultant for everything energy related.

It is about building a strong lasting relationship based on trust and results.

I don’t like the word broker (although that is effectively what we are). As it throws up too many negative connotations, we consult and serve.

Maybe it’s my infantry background, I’m a strong believer in getting things done properly. Clients work with me because they want to work with me. Not because they are just going through the motions of trying to source a new energy contract. I’m a great believer in loyalty to those I work with and I will be choosy about who I work with as well. As I’ve said before it’s about the relationship.

Our role is to secure the best rates we can time and time again and the give back to our clients in these essential sectors to try and counter the inadequate funding and increased running costs.

Timing is crucial when it comes to energy procurement. The difference between 0.5 and a penny on rates can have a dramatic effect on yearly costs, especially for Care Homes often using over 100,000 kwh per year.

Owners and manager don’t have the time to study the market. Or even go out to market in any meaningful way, they may approach a couple of providers directly. If they do, they will be missing out on other potentially lower rates from other suppliers.

We go out to over 15 different suppliers to ensure the best rates. Even owners and managers using multiple brokers, will not necessarily get the best deals.

Unless you have taken the time to build a strong relationship with your consultant, you really don’t know who you are working with.

We view ourselves as part of your business, employed (without the cost) by you to solely ensure you always have the best rates for gas and electricity.

I introduced the ‘Payback Scheme’ in January, after considering what I can do to help the Care and education sectors.

We already do a fantastic job in supporting our clients with their energy needs and ensuring they get the best rates. But, I wanted to do more. So I decided to pay back.

Partly, because if it wasn’t for these sectors that educate and support us when we need it. I wouldn’t be here today writing this.

The ‘Payback Scheme’ is designed to pay back anything between 0.5% and 3.5% of a businesses annual cost on energy. I appreciate this does not sound a lot.

In reality it means anything from 100’s to 10,000s of pound could be paid back to Care homes and similar organisations when they review their energy with us.

For care home groups with multiple locations this could run into £100,000’s. To be used as they see fit and if they are a registered charity, this can be done as a charitable donation as well.

Care Homes can register their interest via www.paybackscheme.co.uk, contact me on linkedin at Matthew Small (T150 Energy Ltd)